Your Professional Electrical Design Consultants

Professional Electrical Design Consultants located in Burnaby, BC. We serve the whole lower mainland. We provide commercial, industrial, and residential electrical consulting. Whether you have a new construction project or an upgrade to an existing building or facility, we are able to provide excellent drawing packages with quick turn-around times to get your project done!

Electrical Design Consultants


Whether your project is a new building or a tenant improvement project, we are able to provide complete detailed electrical design packages with quick turn-around times allowing you to finish your project as quickly as possible. Our detailed designs include load calculations, cable and conduit sizes, fuse ratings, detailed equipment layouts, lighting layouts, arc-fault calculations, and much more. Contact us for a free quote on your next project.


If you are upgrading your facility or building a new one, we have the experience to design safe and reliable electrical systems. Our electrical design consultants are very knowledgeable and have experience with all area classifications, from general purpose to hazardous location Class I, Division I; we can design and detail the proper equipment for your project. With hands-on knowledge of a wide range of MCC’s, VFD’s, starters, soft-starts, transformers, panels, this allows us to layout practical and maintenance friendly designs. Please contact us for your on your next industrial project.


Automation is a fantastic investment as it allows you to reduce your staffing requirements, increase operation time, and create a better end product as the controls are 100% repeatable. We have significant experience integrating and programming large and small facilities utilizing equipment from all the major manufactures. Our logic is always fully documented and detailed allowing your maintenance staff to easily test, troubleshoot, or add I/O in the future. Contact us today so we can design and program an extremely reliable and fail-safe automated control system for your facility.

Street Lighting

If you are sub-dividing an existing property or developing a new one, we are able to provide complete detailed street lighting designs for your project. Using advanced lighting calculation software we ensure our lighting design meet all city and MMCD illumination requirements and standards. We provide quick turn-around times to keep your project moving forward. Contact us today for a quote on your street lighting project.

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